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Vraag & Antwoord

Heb je een vraag? Hieronder vind je de veelgestelde vragen met bijbehorende antwoorden. Staat je vraag er niet bij of wil je graag meer gedetailleerde informatie over yoga, ademwerk of één van mijn events? Voel je vrij om mij te mailen op Bellen kan ook op: 06 444 023 89

  • I am not flexible, can I join a yoga class?
    It is precisely then that it is advisable to follow my Yoga classes. You don't have to be flexible for Yoga, but it will make you flexible!
  • What clothes do I wear during a Yoga class?
    Put on comfortable clothing such as leggings or sweatpants with a shirt. You want to be able to move freely. During my Yoga classes you lie still a lot, which can make you cold. I advise you to bring an extra sweater and a pair of warm socks.Shoes are not worn during Yoga classes.
  • Moet ik een Yogamat meenemen naar de les?
    Yogamatten zijn aanwezig in de studio, maar je mag natuurlijk altijd je eigen meenemen.
  • Wat is Yin Yoga?
    Bij Yin Yoga lig je langer in de houding dan de meeste andere vormen van Yoga. Het is een meditatieve yogavorm, waarbij je zoveel mogelijk spierspanning loslaat. Met Yin Yoga versoepel je het bindweefsel en de gewrichten. De focus ligt op ontspanning en rust in lichaam en geest.
  • Is breathwork suitable for everyone?
    Breathwork is in principle suitable and beneficial for everyone as long as your physical and mental health allows it. There are a number of possible contraindications for breathwork, where it is good to first contact your doctor. For example, when you use certain medication, have psychological complaints or have had to deal with them before, have medical complaints or are pregnant.
  • What clothes do I wear during a breathwork session?
    Put on comfortable clothes such as yoga clothes or sweatpants with a shit. You can get cold during a breathwork session. I therefore advise you to bring an extra sweater and a pair of warm socks. No shoes are worn during a breathwork session.
  • Kan ik eten voorafgaand aan een breathworksessie?
    Het is aan te raden om zo'n 2 a 3 uur voorafgaand aan een ademsessie geen zware maaltijd meer te nuttigen. Dit kan jou namelijk misselijk maken.
  • What is Cocoa?
    Cacao is the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao tree. Theobroma means 'Food of the Gods'. The cocoa beans (technically these are the seeds) are full of healthy food and interesting substances. When the fruits are harvested, the beans are fermented and dried.
  • What are the active substances in Cocoa?
    Cocoa contains theobromine and has a stimulating effect. It is also packed with antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium and manganese. Cocoa protects your heart and cardiovascular system and has a modulating effect on your neurotransmitters. It is known for its heart-opening effect that you can experience and get to know yourself better.
  • Is cocoa psychedelic?
    No, but you could describe cocoa as psychoactive. Cocoa does not create things/visions that are not there. But cocoa has neurocognitive effects, improves your mood, focus and creative flow. Cocoa works as a catalyst to enter deeper processes with a loving energy and heart-opening effect. Although cocoa itself is not psychedelic, it does enhance the effect of psychedelic substances such as truffles. I often use this combination in my events.
  • Does Cocoa contain sugar?
    No, there is no sugar in cocoa. The Cocoa I use from and is 100% pure. To make it less bitter, I sometimes add dates or vanilla extract.
  • Wat is de werking van cacao?
    Cacao maakt ons vrolijk, vermindert stress, verhoogt onze focus en creatieve flow. Daarnaast verhoogt rauwe cacao de doorbloeding naar de hersenen en gelooft men dat het een genezende werking heeft op het mentale, fysieke en spirituele lichaam. Cacao wordt ook wel de hartopener genoemd onder de plantmedicijnen.
  • What is the effect of Microdosing?
    The most frequently mentioned subtle effects of Microdosing: More energy More creativity Clearer thinking, Increased problem-solving ability Increased focus Increased awareness Positive mood Emotional connection with people around you Be more present
  • Is microdosing safe?
    I serve the psilocybin truffle which is relatively mild, completely safe and !00% legal here in the Netherlands. If you are on any medication or have experience with mental illness, please consult a doctor or psychiatrist first.
  • Are you going to trip from Microdosing?
    With microdosing you do not experience a classic psychedelic trip or visual disturbances, but you only perceive subtle effects.
  • Kun je autorijden met een microdosering?
    Ja, je kunt in principe autorijden met een microdosering. Je gaat van een microdosering namelijk niet trippen.
  • Kan microdosing worden gecombineerd met medicijnen?
    Overleg dit altijd eerst met je behandelend arts en raadpleeg deze pagina: Kan microdosing worden gecombineerd met medicijnen of supplementen?
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