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Yin Life is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 82839956 and is located in Groningen. by phone reachable at 06 444 023 89 on working days between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (standard European time zone).


iIn these general terms and conditions, the following terms have the following meaning, unless expressly stated otherwise.


COMPANY: the legal person acting in the exercise of a profession or business.

CLIENT: the person or Company that enters into a (remote) Agreement with the Service Provider.

SERVICE PROVIDER: the legal entity that provides (remote) Services to the Client, hereinafter referred to as: Yin Life.

OFFER: Any written Offer to the Client for the provision of Services by the Service Provider.

SERVICES: The services offered by Yin Life include yoga classes, breathwork, ccoaching, events and more.

ASSIGNMENT: the implementation of the Agreement by Yin Life with regard to the Services requested by the Client.

AGREEMENT: the Agreement for the provision of Services on behalf of the Client. The website used by Yin Life is 


  1. These terms and conditions apply to any Aoffer from Yin Life, any Agreement between Yin Life and the Client and any Service offered by Yin Life.

  2. These general terms and conditions are provided to the Client prior to concluding a (remote) Agreement. If this is not reasonably possible, Yin Life will inform the Client about how the Client can view the general terms and conditions, which have been published on the Yin Life website, so that the Clientcan easily store these general terms and conditions on a durable data carrier.

  3. The possible applicability of general terms and conditions of the Client and third parties is expressly rejected.

  4. In principle, it is not possible to deviate from these general terms and conditions. In exceptional situations, these general terms and conditions can be deviated from if this has been expressly agreed in writing with Yin Life. The terms and conditions of the Client are not expressly inapplicable.

  5. These general terms and conditions also apply to additional, amended and follow-up orders from the Client.

  6. If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are wholly or partially void or are voided, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions will remain in effect and the void/nullified provision(s) will be replaced by a provision with the same purport as the original provision.

  7. Uncertainties about the content, explanation or situations that are not regulated in these general terms and conditions must be assessed and explained in accordance with these general terms and conditions.

  8. The applicability of Articles 7:404 and 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code is expressly excluded.



  1. All offers from Yin Life are without obligation, unless expressly stated otherwise in writing. If the Offer is limited or valid under certain conditions, this will be expressly stated in the Offer.

  2. The offer of Yin Life is without obligation. Yin Life is only bound by an Offer if the acceptance is confirmed in writing by the Client within 14 days. Nevertheless, Yin Life has the right to refuse an Agreement with a potential Client for valid reasons for Yin Life.

  3. The Offer contains a complete and accurate description of the services offered. The description is so detailed that the Client can make a proper assessment of the Offer. Obvious mistakes or errors in the Offer cannot bind Yin Life. Any images and specific information in the Offer are only an indication and cannot be grounds for any compensation or dissolution of the Agreement.


  1. The Agreement is concluded at the moment that the Client has accepted an Offer from Yin Life.

  2. If the Client has accepted the Offer by giving an Order to Yin Life, Yin Life will confirm the Order of the Client in writing by e-mail. Each Offer is valid for a maximum of 14 days, after which Yin Life can no longer be held to an Offer.

  3. Yin Life is not bound by an Offer if the Client could reasonably have expected or should have understood that the Offer contains an obvious mistake or error. The Client cannot derive any rights from this mistake or error.

  4. An Offer is only valid if it is submitted in writing by Yin Life to the Client is done.

  5. In principle, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the events.


  1. If and insofar as an Agreement has been concluded between the Client and Yin Life, the duration of this Agreement is in accordance with what the parties have agreed.

  2. Both the Client and Yin Life can only dissolve the Agreement on the basis of an attributable shortcoming in the fulfillment of the Agreement if the other party has been given written notice of default, as well as a reasonable term to still fulfill its obligations, and fails to do so. point attributable. This also includes the payment and cooperation obligations of the Client.

  3. The dissolution of the Agreement does not affect the payment obligations of the Client if Yin Life has performed work or services at the time of dissolution. The contractor  must pay the agreed fee.

  4. The Client is not authorized to terminate an Agreement prematurely. The Client, being a consumer, can cancel an Agreement free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of an individual session. After this, at least 50% of the agreed amount will be charged. 

  5. If the Client terminates the Agreement prematurely, it will owe at least 50% of the agreed price. This amount can be increased by costs incurred by Yin Life for travel and accommodation costs, as well as location costs and other costs to be incurred by the Client.

  6. An Agreement for an event cannot be cancelled.

  7. Both the Client and Yin Life can terminate the Agreement in whole or in part without further notice of default with immediate effect in the event that one of the parties is in suspension of payment, has filed for bankruptcy or the relevant Company is liquidated or other than through a merger or restructuring. of the Company. If a situation as mentioned above occurs, Pura Vida Lifestyle is never obliged to refund monies already received and/or compensation.


  1. If during the execution of the Agreement it appears that the Agreement needs to be adjusted and/or supplemented, or if further work is required at the request of the Client to achieve the desired result of the Client, the Client is obliged to carry out this additional work. pay according to the agreed rate. Yin Life is not obliged to comply with this request and may require the Client to enter into a separate Agreement for this.

  2. If and insofar as a fixed price has been agreed for the delivery of certain services and the performance of those services leads to extra (urgent) work that cannot reasonably be included in the fixed price, Yin Life is entitled, after consultation with the Client charge these costs to the Client.


  1. All prices are exexcluding VAT in the context of the exercise of a profession or business of the Client. For Consumers, the price includes VAT. If Yin Life carries out the assignment in whole or in part at the location of the Client or, at the request of the Client, at an external location, additional costs (travel and accommodation costs and parking fees) may be charged. This will be discussed with the Client in advance.

  2. Client paysa 1-1 session immediately after treatment in cash or via a sent payment request.

  3. Agreement with a company, the agreed amount must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date. 

  4. If the Parties have agreed on a down payment, this down payment must be paid by the Client before Yin Life performs its duties.

  5. The client cannot derive any rights or expectations from a budget provided in advance, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise.

  6. If expressly agreed, the Client must pay the amount due in advance before Yin Life commences its services.


  1. If the Client does not meet the payment obligation, en has not fulfilled this obligation within the payment term of 14 days, the Client (if he has performed the assignment as a profession or company without further notice of default) will be in default and the Client will receive a written reminder requesting the amount due within the specified period. deadline to meet.

  2. From the date that the Client is in default, Yin Life will, without further notice of default being required, claim the statutory (commercial) interest (being at least 5% per year) from the first day of default until full payment and compensation of the extrajudicial costs in accordance with Section 6:96 of the Dutch Civil Code, to be calculated according to the graduated scale from the decision on compensation for extrajudicial collection costs of 1 July 2012.

  3.  If Yin Life has incurred more or higher costs that are reasonably necessary, these costs are eligible for reimbursement. The judicial and execution costs incurred will also be borne by the Client.



  1. Yin Life will endeavor to perform the Agreement with the greatest possible care that may be expected of a good contractor. All services are performed on the basis of a best efforts obligation, unless a result has been expressly agreed in writing that has been described in detail.

  2. Yin Life is not obliged or required to follow the instructions of the Client in the performance of the services if this changes the content or scope of the agreed services. If the assignment leads to additional work for Yin Life, the Client is obliged to reimburse the additional costs accordingly.

  3. The Client will ensure that all data, which Yin Life indicates are necessary or which the Client should reasonably understand are necessary for the execution of the Agreement, are provided to Yin Life in a timely manner. If the information required for the implementation of the Agreement has not been provided to Yin Life in time, Yin Life is entitled to suspend the implementation of the Agreement and/or to charge the additional costs resulting from the delay to the Client in accordance with its usual rates.

  4. Yin Life is entitled at its own discretion to engage third parties for the performance of the service.

  5. Yin Life is not liable for damage of any nature whatsoever, caused by Yin Life relying on incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the Client.


In the event of replacement of a participant due to unforeseen circumstances on the part of the participant and/or Client, the latter must inform Yin Life of this as soon as possible.


  1. The Client can register for the event as long as the Offer is valid. There may be additional conditions that the Client must meet.

  2. The travel contract can be changed in consultation with Yin Life. Yin Life will inform the Client as soon as possible if costs are involved. Changes can only be made up to one monthbefore the effective date, unless otherwise indicated by Yin Life.

  3. The travel agreement can only be canceled free of charge up to one month before the commencement date. After this, the agreement can be canceled up to two weeks before the commencement date with a refund of a maximum of 50% of the agreed amount. If the Customer has not yet paid the full amount, Pura Vida Lifestyle must be consulted about a possible refund.

  4. Some activities can be organized during an event. If the Client has health complaints, use of medication or other circumstances that may influence participation in the activities, the Client must report this to Yin Life in good time. The Client is responsible for participation in these activities. All damage that the Client suffers during the event as a result of not passing on relevant information is expressly at the expense and risk of the Client.

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