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During the day we get to process a lot of stimuli. We are actually constantly on and take little time to feel what is happening in our body. As a result, you quickly cross your limits, you become overstimulated and you eventually have to deal with stress or even burnout complaints.

With this 4-day online workshop, the focus is on releasing all those stimuli, so that there is room to feel what is happening in your body and new energy is created again. Every lesson a different part of the body is treated and after four lessons you have given your full body attention!


I guide you through the lessons in a calm and relaxed manner, so that you can take some time for yourself.                      

online yoga workshop



Nu voor 39,00 van 70,-

Nu voor 39,00 van 70,-

Met 4 ontspannende Yin Yogalessen

Gemakkelijk te volgen via de Yin Life app

Een half jaar toegang 

Meer dan 150 yogi's gingen je voor

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