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At Yin Life you can follow Yin Yoga classes in the center of Groningen. In an oasis of peace where you can take a break from the hectic pace of modern society and return to the feeling of relaxation, space, strength and energy.

Wat is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a quiet meditative form of Yoga, where you hold the postures a little longer than most other forms of yoga. This gives you time to bring your attention inward and distance yourself from your thoughts. This creates more peace and space in your head and therefore also in your body. By practicing Yin Yoga you learn to listen better to your body, to discover your limits and to better deal with uncomfortable feelings. Yin Yoga gives you a simple boost in your health on a physical, mental and energy level.

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For whom?

My Yoga classes are suitable for everyone! You don't have to have any Yoga experience or be flexible to do it. Everyone will benefit from it. For those with burnout, stress-related complaints, sleeping problems and mood complaints, it will offer even more. With the Yoga classes you learn to become more aware of your body and what your body needs. As a result, you better pick up signals that your body gives you, so that you learn to take better care of your body.

Yoga helps with questions and thoughts such as:

  • I want to learn how to deal better with the stress in my daily life.

  • How can I sleep better?

  • How do I create peace in all the hectic pace of the day?

  • I want to become more flexible.

  • I want to get in touch with my body.

  • I want to reduce my stress.

  • How do I get inner peace?

  • How do I learn to recognize my limits and learn to set them better?

  • I want to relax more.

  • I want to worry less.

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Benefits of Yin Yoga

The connective tissue, which is located throughout your body, is slowly stretched and hydrated.

Joints become more flexible, creating more flexibility in your body.

Because you stay in an attitude longer, you get to deeper blockages.

Unprocessed emotions and experiences that are stuck in our body can be touched and resolved.

Energy can flow freely again.

The self-healing capacity of the body is supported and stimulated.

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