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FREE your Mind

June 3



10:00 - 11:00






Maybe your first reaction brrr didn't see me, but a dip in open water works incredibly beneficial:

• It strengthens your immune system

• Has an anti-inflammatory effect

• Improves blood circulation


In addition, a cocktail of lucky fabrics is released, you get out of your head and into your body and you get an instant energy boost.


We gather at a pond in Groningen, where I prepare you for an energy boost in the cold water and we enter the water together.

Experience is not necessary! Are you hesitating because you are not sure if you will manage to step into the cold water? Then put your doubts aside, because after all it's just about having fun together.

natascha leber, adem coach, groningen, gratis event, breathwork, ijsbad, wim hof, koudwaterdip

You will receive the exact location in Telegram group FREE your mind, sign up below. Don't have Telegram on your mobile yet? Then click first HERE to download Telegram or send me a message through it Contact Form.


Good to know!

  • Put on your swimsuit under  your clothes when you come to the event.

  • Don't forget your towel!

  • Water shoes if you find a soft leaf bottom annoying on your feet.

  • A bathrobe can be nice to have with you.

  • Possibly a water bottle. Hydrating is important!

  • Only enter the water if you are physically healthy! Take extra care with pregnancy, asthma, high blood pressure and heart problems.

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